A Prayer for Bible Study



Jesus Christ, Word of God,
the Scriptures say you were present at creation
like an artisan, like a master worker,
and that all things came into being through you.
Light came through you,
beauty came through you,
and the human race was your delight.

As we open the pages of this sacred book,
we look for your light,
we lean into it with every word.
We will not rest until it shines on us,
encircles and enlightens us,
lays bare our questions and our yearnings,
changes our hearts and minds.

You are the artisan that crafts our world, shapes these words,
molds our hearts like potters mold clay.
You are the master worker who delights in our formation,
urges our transformation,
speaks light and beauty to us,
our delight and our joy,
Jesus Christ, Word of God.